Haverford Township Municipal Complex

Haverford, PA

New Construction

KCBA is currently in the design phase for this proposed new 43,000 sq. ft. municipal services building to house township administration, the township police department, and community operations and meeting space. The new building is to be located on an active 6-acre site that houses the current township police building, a public skating facility, and several athletic fields. As the entire site will be reconfigured as part of the project, careful consideration is being given to assure safe ongoing operability both during construction as well as upon project completion. The aesthetic of the new building is being shaped by the regional architectural fabric including a heavy reliance on stone materials and a scale that melds with the surrounding commercial and residential character. An important project element is an outdoor plaza adjacent to the building’s main lobby that will accommodate community functions and recognize the sacrifices and contributions of the township’s war veterans and first responders via a memorial wall. Building upon this connection with the local community, another project goal is to encourage pedestrian use of the complex via a system of walkways that links the new building and recreational amenities to the surrounding streets.