KCBA Awarded Project to Modernize K-12 School Building

KCBA Architects is pleased to be continuing the firm’s professional relationship with Forest City Regional School District (FCRSD) via an impending renovation/expansion initiative to enhance the district’s K-12 school facilities. KCBA began working with FCRSD in October 2014 after participating in an architectural selection process to undertake a district-wide facilities feasibility study.

Located in northeastern Pennsylvania, the district covers approximately 88 square miles and spans portions of Susquehanna, Lackawanna, and Wayne counties. The primary subject of KCBA’s district-wide facilities study was the district’s single contiguous school building which houses 840 students in grades Pre-K to 12.

In the study, the district tasked KCBA with reviewing existing building conditions and educational requirements in order to prioritize options and develop a comprehensive long-term facilities plan. The study was also structured to comply with Pennsylvania Department of Education standards. In general, KCBA’s effort entailed an analysis of existing facilities; a series of meetings with administration and operations staff to review facility functionality; development of an electronic matrix with a line-item list of identified needs and estimated costs; production of a program document that enumerates existing spaces and student capacities contrasted with desired spaces; and exploration of a range of repair, renovation, and new construction concepts.

After a series of presentations to the school board, administration, and community, KCBA is moving ahead with one of the study’s baseline recommendations – a renovation/expansion project that will increase efficiency in district-wide operations and enhance learning environments to better support their curriculum. In addition to addressing general maintenance issues and upgrades to meet modern building standards, the project will provide heightened security at the building’s main entrances, implement a new early childhood literacy center, develop dedicated spaces for STEM programming, establish a centralized music and arts core that activates a previously unused courtyard space, reorganize some classrooms to introduce natural light and improve learning environments, and renovate the athletic complex.

KCBA looks forward to continued collaboration with FCRSD to cost-effectively equip their facilities to meet their long-term needs.